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The Project at 5940 Soquel Avenue is a 160,000-square-foot Specialty Medical Office Building being developed by PMB. The facility will include advanced medical services, a 24-hour urgent care clinic, and medical offices. It is an outpatient facility, not a hospital.

​The Project will be located at 5940 Soquel Ave. which is currently a 4.98-acre site that is used as open storage. 

The Project includes a 730-space parking structure, including more than 40 EV charging stations. This will mitigate impacts to street parking and nearby homes and businesses. Also, there will be 122 bike rack spaces for short-term bicycle parking and an enclosed bike parking area with 36 bike lockers. 

The Project will improve community access to outdoor amenities and meeting spaces by providing public use of the outdoor areas and conference rooms.

Many local construction jobs, as well as permanent healthcare positions, will be created by the Project.

Construction is anticipated to begin in late 2022 and the facility is expected to be completed in 2024.


A comprehensive, four-year traffic study was completed as part of the project's draft Environmental Impact Review (EIR). The study analyzed traffic control and mitigation measures, which resulted in the Project proposing to add traffic lights, enhance the existing bicycle network and redirect traffic patterns to better manage the area’s traffic.

The traffic study found that the Project will reduce VMT by approximately over 20,000 vehicle miles per day because many of the traffic trips related to this project will be rerouted healthcare trips, not wholly new trips.

PMB is committed to working with the County to reduce traffic impacts and greenhouse gas emissions by exploring transit opportunities in partnership with local transportation providers, encouraging ride-sharing, and incorporating additional Transportation Demand Management (TDM) measures as a component of its Project.


The Project will be developed to a minimum of LEED Gold Certification standards and will include solar panels, EV charging stations, and building materials that reduce ecological impacts.

The Project is committed to planting trees and other drought-tolerant landscape.

​The specialty medical office building will be served by the City of Santa Cruz Water Department.


The draft Environmental Impact Report for the Project was released in 2021.

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